Onward We Go

Well, it’s darn near August and likely time for a quick update on the happenings around the neighborhood.

Guess what? It’s hot and dry and it’s gonna stay that way for the foreseeable future. The Hootie Owl fishing constraints that I suggested in the last post have come to fruition. All fishing on the Stillwater and Jellystone Rivers must cease at or before 2 pm. The same can be said for most of the larger trout waters located principally in southwestern Montana. And if you’re smart and care about the health of our trout, you will self-impose the same restrictions on non-Hoot Owled bodies of water such as the Rock Creek and other smaller cricks. It’s been one hell of a summer and from the looks of things, It’s not likely to change so we must adjust our behaviors and DO THE RIGHT THING!

Thus, if you’re going to fish for our spotted friends….. It’s early to bed, early to rise, start fishing at dawn and don’t make up lies.

Most of the folks with whom I have been spending time are here to fish. They’re not here to sight see, or do the all night bar hop, nor attempting to be a weekend motorcycle tuff guy. They are here to fish and thus we have been on the river near the crack of dawn most mornings. And the fishing and catching you ask? PDG (pretty damn good). A variety of bugs, streamers and techniques depending on the specific condition, has produced mighty fine fishing and catching. But to be honest, the caliber of the fisher folk does make a difference, like a really huge difference. I’ve been blessed as of late. Hope that continues.

And now our Public Service Announcement: Take care of the fish! So far they are looking good, fat, healthy, and darn spunky, let’s keep them that way. I suggest you eliminate the grip and grin and if you need a picture, keep them in the water. Minimize the time the fish is held or unhooked. Yea, I know you gotta do what ya gotta do to release them, but time out of the drink does matter.

Be nice to others! It’s been busy out there and on some days, like real busy. The pandemic has driven folks to the out of doors and I can’t blame them for that, but we all need to help some of the newbies, they need it. The river is dropping quickly and that will serve to thin the masses, I hope.

ps …. all picture from here on out will be pulled from the RFO vault. No fish were or will be harmed in the making of this bloggie thing.

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