Tick Toc, The Times They Are A’ Changing

Mr. Dylan was right, the time are changing if we are talking about the local fishing conditions. Actually, they should have already changed about two weeks ago and we should currently be in the mist of run off. But it’s been chilly and wet, like really chilly and very wet and the hell of it is, no one is complaining. As of the 24th of May, the leaves on our trees and bushes have still not popped ….. not sure I’ve every seen leaf flush so late ….. but no one is complaining. In fact, our local farmers and ranchers are damn near giddy with delight and this Memorial Day weekend promises more chilly and wet. Bring it! After last year’s summer from hell, no one is complaining.

So given the lack of run off, we’ve definitely been fishing and generally speaking, it’s been pretty good. It has ben mostly a Mother’s Day caddis thing since the early part of the month. Some days have been outstanding and other days have been good and one day was ….. well just put it this way, it was a nice day for a float. Bugs everywhere on the Stillwater but the fish were flipping us the middle fin. Actually, in thinking about it, I figure that the fish eat like crazy for the first two or three days, and then, they’re just too full to eat anything else until they digest that which they have eaten. At least that my story…. saw it on both the Stillwater and Rock Creek. But the time have changed. There are not currently as many caddis as there previously were ….. just enough to feed the fish, but not so many that they gorge themselves.

The rainbows, browns, and occasional whitefish have absolutely be stuffed with food and therefore, the fish are all very chunky and healthy. Many of them have distended bellies which are rock hard and full. It’s been really good to see so many large, happy, and well feed fish going into the run off.

Given that we have a well above average snow pack and the cool weather is anticipated to continue, we should be in good shape for water this upcoming summer. That would be a nice change of pace. But it all depends on how fast the melt takes place. Hopefully we will not experience the 100+ degree days as we did in June last year. Fingers crossed!

Looking at the hydrograph this morning, we have today and maybe tomorrow and then, run off and yard work.

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