Last Call…. 2022

Not for alcohol, but rather the fishing or more specifically, the catching. It seems our amazing fall is about to end, abruptly. The local weather guessers suggest significant snow and single digit temps next week. Oh boy?

But man oh man, what a fall it has been. Fishing and catching hasn’t been to bad, but the colors and our air temperatures have been off the chart. Best fall ever? Maybe/Maybe not …. but this I can tell you, I’d damn sure take a couple more moths of what we’ve had. In conversation with the “old timers” from this area, no one has ever seen a year with a later killing frost than what we experienced this year (Oct 24). Warm memories to sustain us thru January and February, I’m sure we’ll need it.

As would be anticipated this time of year, the browns have been on the prowl. Last week, RFO’s CFO, Staff Photographer, and yours’ truly took a float on a cloudy but warm day, perfect conditions. Streamers were the bug de jour, deep twitched with a tight lines and although we didn’t catch any monsters we did catch some darn nice colored up fish. All fat, all heathy and certainly all very feisty. Lots of bent rods, laughs and good times all around. Not much more to say about that.

And the best part? No one else around. No summertime bumper boat regatta, no parade of folks floating thru the hole that you are fishing. Nobody, no where, at no time. A throwback to 30 years ago, just us and the eagles …. life has been pretty good during September and October.

Actually I’m BS-ing you ….. It’s been better than that. Hope you soaked it up.

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