Welcome to the Rocky Fork Journals!

This is not going to be one of those “fishing report” sortta things. You know the type, go here, stand there, use this and by all means contact me before you do any of the above. Nope, not here. There are other web sites that can provide all that predictable banter.

We may give you the latest low down on the fishing, but I intend to include other things related to the outdoors and the sporting life. These may include natural resource management issues of the day, political humor and the occasional biting satire. This blog will also include a heavy dose of upland bird hunting and comment on the “State of the State of Hunting and Fishing in south-central Montana”. So please stay tuned and check back often for a variety of topics.

-Pat Pierson, Owner/Outfitter



1 Response to About

  1. Kevin says:

    Is the Stillwater floatable at this time? What do you think about a couple of weeks from now? How much would you charge for 2 old guys for a day or half day?
    Kevin Bonk
    Red Lodge

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