March Madness Indeed

Yep, it’s the ides of March, beware if your names is Julies Caesar, if not …. fret not because the fishing season is here. A friend and I crept around on the ice shelves lining Rock Creek yesterday. And a gloriously warm day it was, in fact one of us got rather sun burnt. The water is low and of course darn cold. Recorded temperatures of 38 and 39 degrees. The leak in my waders’ right foot confirmed what the thermometer was telling me. Rather nippy.

This would be the spot to tell you that the fishing was hot. Well it wasn’t red hot, but maybe at least luke warm, maybe better than luke warm. It was pretty damn good and better than anticipated. Fishing was a down low and slow affair with nymphs or near nymphs (pink nuclear worms). The fish, while active, were not aggressive and neither would you be if you were swimming in 39 degree water. Truth be told, it was difficult at times to discern between hooking the bottom and hooking a fish. A number of fish were half ass hooked and quickly lost. Unfortunately the two largest fish of the day kicked my butt in just such a fashion and yes, there were others …. funky feels out there yesterday, fishing via braille of sorts.

First of 2022
Happy and healthy after the winter
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