Spring Reflections, 2021

Hard to know how to describe the spring and associated fishing thus far in 2021. Generally, the month of April has been a bust. Most of the month has been well below normal temperatures with the occasional spike of very much above normal temperatures. Consistency of water temperatures has not existed and therefore the typically good dry fly fishing has not materialize. I’ve spoken with a few other professionals in the neighborhood and they all admit the same. Little to no real hatches of any magnitude. On a personal note, I can tell you that I’ve seen more baetis and March Browns on my house windows, than I’ve seen on any river. Such is the way of mother nature.

As we roll in to the month of May, the Mother’s Day Caddis should be the thing. In fact, we usually see them during the last week in April, but again with the water temperatures being low, the caddis have not yet popped. Unfortunately, they may do so during the pulse of high and off colored water we are currently facing. However, the cooler temperatures which we are suppose to see during the remainder of the week should help to drop and clear the Stillwater and Rock Creek systems. The Jelly is likely toast until July, but who really knows, all of this is a guess, hopefully an educated one. From now until mid-May, there should be the occasional window of fishing opportunity, but they will become fewer as time goes on. Get it when you can!

There have been a few of these

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