Goodbye and Hello

It’s October and I’m not sure how that happened. Time seems to be flying by, likely due to the outstanding weather we have experienced through September and now into nearly the middle of October. So many things to do and the days never seem sufficiently long. Ever since our Labor Day snow, it’s been sunny and warm and way dry. Thirty days and counting since our last precipitation.

These factors have produced the best fall colors we’ve had in many a year. It’s pretty amazing out there right now. I highly recommend capitalizing on the next week or so, because the inevitability of leaf drop is right around the corner. It’s a time of transition. Although we might try to stop or slow time’s progression, the labor is fruitless. And that’s the way it’s suppose to be. Appreciation what we have serves a broader application and so I’ve been doing my best to soak it up with a few clients and friends.

The goodbye portion of this ramble pertains to our friend Mr. Grasshopper. It’s been one hell of a hopper season, but unfortunately that is pretty much done. Over the last three weeks the hopper happenings have slowly faded and the baetis have begun to make their appearance. The Stillwater has had afternoon hatches of baetis most everyday. The unfortunate thing is that the bigger fish are not really looking at them. There are many rising fish, but the vast majority are dinks. With a lack of overcast or cloudy days, the bigger fish have not really made the commitment to the itty bitty flies. And the flies are itty bitty, size #18 and sparse ….. very technical. But …. the deep and dirty double nymph rigs have been been lethal and that is what the larger fish have been keyed in on. Oh, and one last thought on the Stillwater. It’s low and skinny and not at all easy to float. So heads up.

On the other side of the ledger, the hello portion of this discussion is related to the upcoming streamer action. Starting this weekend, the weather is supposed to markedly change to a much cooler pattern with clouds, rain, and snow. Sounds like streamer stripping weather to me. And yes, the browns and the brookies are lit up in their finest spawning colors with attitudes that reflect hormonal changes.

So there you have it folks. It’s fall. It’s beautiful. The fish are there and ready to rumble. We’ve only have a few more weeks of the really good stuff and then, it’s hunting season.

Last of the 2020 Hopper Eaters

Fall Colors in a Special Spot
Yes that is bear spray on my pack

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  1. Peggy Childers says:

    Very handsome lad in the first photo!


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