So, here’s the deal …

I thought it prudent to update those of you who are interested on the status of guided fishing in Montana.  (Don’t worry, we’ll get to the fun stuff a little later.)

The current Corona Virus direction released yesterday indicates that the guided fishing industry is enabled to operate beginning next Monday, April 27, 2020.  The directives goes on to state ….” Guides and outfitters may offer services consistent with any ongoing quarantine travel restrictions provided they adhere to social distancing guidelines and sanitation protocols.  Visitors should check the status of any closures and restrictions before traveling.”

Additional guidance provided in this Phase I: Montana re-opening plan includes the following ….”Each outfitter or guide needs to confirm that their clients are aware of the 14-day quarantine restrictions for out-of-state visitors and they are in full compliance.” ….. which means out-of state-visitors who are not here for work related purposes must first conduct a 14 day quarantine, before they would legally be eligible to go outside and play with others.

So, if your guide ask if you have self quarantined and then ask you to stand 6 feet or more away, and ask you to wear a face mask, and well as other sundry things that last year would have seemed comical if not ridiculous, please understand there is a reason …. we don’t just make this shit up.

In fact here are a couple of informational resources;

MONTANA: Reopening the Big Sky, Phased Approach

Outfitting Under COVID-19 Restrictions.

Please understand, this is subject to change as documented in the Governor’s Directive if/when we enter into Phase II and hopefully Phase III based on data and not anger.  Fingers crossed, heads up, and think good thoughts.

Now for the fun stuff.  We got some good and we got some less good.  We seemingly jumped from winter to near summer in one week.  Thus, most of the rivers and feeder streams are mucky and offer limited opportunities for success.  About the only thing that is really fish-able right now, is the Rock Creek system.  The good news is that it’s beginning to turn into a bug-o-rama out there.  I’m seeing at least four species of stoneflies, a few caddis, and both baetis and March Brown mayflies.  Unfortunately, the surface action has not been red hot and the truth be told, I got spanked hard the other day while fishing drys, dry/droppers, and two deep and dirty nymphs….. so you just never know and each day is unique, just like all the others.

One thing that you should be aware of if you are considering venturing forth, you likely will not be alone.  Since the shutdown, the streams have been crowded, as least by my standards.  If you’re smart, you’ll take a nice hike before you start the fishing.  There is amble room out there, ya just gotta use it.

Today is predicted to be coolish, overcast, drizzly and gray.  Sounds like the perfect dry fly day.  I’m headed to the crick at noon, we’ll see how today shakes out.  It should be great no matter what.  Social Distance on America!

March Brown

March Brown


Lots of these and their relatives out


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