Been Awhile

Like since the middle of last September.  In fact I last checked in as the bottom fell out of our fall weather and we were quickly, abruptly and rudely thrown into winter.  Crappiest fall I’ve ever seen in Montana and the fishing was non-existent….. thus the depressed silence.

It’s now 2020 and what a funkie year it promises to be, fasten your seat belt kids the ride might get rough.  But at least there’s fishing to ease the pain.  Thus far the weather this winter has been dame nice and it wasn’t long after bird season ended that fishing season started for this kid.  No, it wasn’t fast nor furious.  It was down and deep and way deep at times but fish were there.  Water temp was 40 and the air temp was darn near 50.  The eagles and the geese were thick and not another soul in sight.  Exactly what the doctor ordered in order to air out the brain and stretch the legs.

Stay tuned, we’re just getting started and if we cross our fingers and think good thoughts, good things are bound to happen.  I’ll try to stay a bit more vigilant.



First fattie of 2020 Yes, that is dried up goose poop

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