Count Down to Clear

Good stuff Maynard

Yesterday’s local worm eater


Our local rivers and streams continue high and mucky.  Fishing is neither productive nor safe on the big water.  But seeing the glass as half full and not half empty …… I think we have pretty much hit the peak of run-off.  Volumes and velocities should begin to drop over the next 2 or 3 weeks.  Fishing and floating should be in full swing by the first of July…. pretty much as normal and expected.

Until then, I’ll be spending time on the little waters that do not head up into the mountains … i.e. no or limited run off.  As you can tell from the above, these little cricks can house some really nice fish. Not always easy, some very tight casting lanes and hiddy-holes to contend with, but, the fish are in there.  And yesterday, pink nuclear worms were on the menu.  With all the rain, there has been an on-going worm “hatch” over the last couple weeks.  Many may not consider fishing an artificial worm as keeping in spirit of fly fishing.  I say when in Rome, do as the Romans.

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