Boy howdy have we been having some interesting weather.  Montana, especially that portion of the Big Sky that lies east of the continental divide,is know for variable, extreme and erratic weather.  We sure have had those experiences in spades this last week or so.  After an extended period of mid-90’s to sustained daytime temps way above 100, these last 4 or 5 days have been the polar opposite.  Yesterday the temps topped out 60 degrees and the day before, with rain, clouds, and wind, produced high temps of low 50’s with a notable wind chill factor.  And if that sounds like I’m whining, let me assure you, I am not.  It has been a welcome change and the implications for the fishing have been outstanding.

Early mornings, have been all about chucking streamers.  Even when we were wrapped in the heat and smoke filled skies of last week, low light conditions definitely have had the browns on the prowl.  During the last couple of days, the low light conditions have produced unbelievable streamer strip’n over the course of the entire day.  Yesterday was absolutely off the charts.  During times of brighter sunshine, the fish have shown interest in the typical dry dropper combinations.  However, during some of those absolutely nasty hot days, when you suddenly understand what it’s like to be micro-waved, the only consistent producer has been double nymph down low, deep, and slow.  In other words, it takes a village of flies to consistency hook and catch the little devils.

And where do we go from here?  The weather guessers suggest that a change is on the horizon, …… (are you ready for this) …… to more fall like than summer like conditions.  Well what you know bout that?  I’m not really over the whole summer thing yet.  I’d like to make summer last as long as possible, but if fall is on the way ….. no complaints in this quarter.  And now the weird stuff…… it’s already starting to happen.  When you gander in the underbrush or look closely at the clumps of willow, aspen or cottonwood, you can see a color change taking place.  It’s subtle at this point, but unmistakable.  Yesterday creeping around the Rock Creek bottoms, I was surprised at the pinks and oranges beginning to shown in the choke cherries.  So like it or not, prepared for it or not, either physically or mentally, the fall change appears to be headed directly at us.  Suck it up buttercup!  I intend to.


Jacob and a streamer stripped brownie


Byron in his favorite side channel.

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